Between the Alps and the Mediterranean lies a land of subtle charm, with the City of Perfumes as its capital:
It is known as the Pays de Grasse and offers visitors from around the world a splendid, sunlit setting with a vast array of cultural and natural marvels,
exceptional biodiversity, and an outstanding quality of life.

Flower fields, olive groves, graceful mansions, family factories, perfume-making workshops, candymakers, gardens, museums, and theaters blend harmoniously
into a delicious cultural buffet, one that can satisfy the appetite of every visitor, from adventure-seeker to art-lover.

A land of 23 towns and villages, shady forests and sun-drenched hillsides, mountains and plains brimming with nature’s richness and delicacy,
the Pays de Grasse is a place of flavors and fragrances, fresh air and fun, wonder and well-being.

Come explore the Pays de Grasse and fall in love with the soul of this land: the charming countryside of yesteryear, delightful villages,
ancient crafts and the artisans that keep them alive and thriving, all part of the destination of a lifetime!




Les Incontournables

du Pays de Grasse

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23 Towns and Villages
A diverse region of stunning, untamed beauty,
Brimming with matchless architecture and history,
A place of discovery, relaxation, action, and excitement.
Discover the high country, the “Haut-Pays”
Visit Grasse and its surroundings
Explore the Siagne River Valley

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