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Visit of the showroom, sale of paintings, drawings, India ink and books written by the artist.
Note that this space is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The exhibition space presents the paintings of Karine Van de Velde whose theme is resolutely orientalist.
Visitors will be able to leave for an exotic journey in his world of painter and writer.

The artist:
American orientalist painter and writer, Karine van de Velde was born in Sweden. She is the last descendant of the Dutch painters van de Velde.
Part as young as six years old for Africa with her parents, she lived there all her childhood and spent her Bac in Ivory Coast. She began painting in 1991, seven years after arriving in France, in Aix en Provence where she started a university course in Modern Literature.
In 2003, she interrupted her career and took up her brushes again in 2012.
Writer, she released a collection of poems "The pitfalls of the collection" editions Cécile Langlois, a collection illustrated by some of these paintings
Silver Medal of the European Institute of Contemporary Arts
Winner of the Painting Prize of the 35th National Salon of Writers and Repatriated Artists of Antibes in April 2013.
Member of the European Institute of Contemporary Arts in 2014.

Defined as an orientalist by the international selection commissioner of the Cagnes sur Mer museums, Marcel van Jole, she excels in the play of light.
His work, very important, was described by Mr. Jean-Claude Orru.
"Karine van de Velde makes us perceive, in the first movements of the dunes that she offers us, the different approach of the real, she enters into a world of light, matter and colors, here each impression, each perception can be the source of an inspiration where formal reality is freed from all constraints, including that of the necessary advance towards the horizon, without limit of futile borders.The works of Karine van de Velde are free from the borders of the formal because they make us penetrate another dimension of space, so let us feel that it is in the heart of the dunes a musicality of sunsets, full moons and first rays blazing the horizon. music, of these landscapes, of those colors of distant times, of what was water and which has become sand that Karine van de Velde draws for our greatest happiness this pictorial inspiration From the shade to the light, of this time suspended from the timeless gait, of this new path that reconstructs the look, it admirably translates this color made of tenderness, of impalpable music, it teaches us that in the desert the music is also silence. "

In 2012, she is noticed by another painter, great orientalist, internationally renowned, Roger Vivés, who made her goddaughter in 2013.
Writer because in 2014, she decided to take a new step, in writing this time.
She publishes, at Editions Cécile Langlois, a collection of poems, illustrated by her own paintings

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