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From scrap (iron, metal, steel, plastic ...) recovered from individuals, craftsmen, farmers, industrial waste collectors, I create contemporary sculptures (especially zoomorphic).

My works are of various sizes (pocket to monumental!), Both for the interior and exterior (the paints used are body paints or anti-rust, varnishes of Rustol).

The recovery of materials (old tools, obsolete stocks ...) was essential for my first sculptures in a concern of economies and reduction of the costs.

Following the crisis of 2008, France facing some economic difficulties, the French throw less and recycling policies evolving, my sources of supply have decreased significantly, hence the use of new materials.

These materials, mostly contemporary such as foams, plastics, plexiglass, electronic circuits, computer equipment, silicone and resins have allowed me a new approach in my philosophy of creation, the latter having no forms predefined industrial

The sculptures are exhibited in public space (village of Briançonnet) and in private space in an altitude botanical garden.

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