The Confiserie Florian has officially opened its brand-new, trendy premises, a veritable wonderland for sweets lovers: the “Boutique du Chocolat,” just 20 meters from the entrance to the Florian candy factory in Pont-du-Loup.
Inside, visitors are welcomed by a fascinating museum area, with a large mural explaining the history of chocolate and depicting the various processing stages, from cocoa farming to preparation of the final product.

The boutique is home to all of Florian’s specialties made with chocolate, including chocolate bars with flowers, crispy “croustis” of puffed rice, chocolate-dipped ginger, and a range of new and exclusive chocolate items: chocolate fondues, choco-marshmallows, cocoa powder, and more. You can enjoy free tastes of these treats, as well!

The boutique is open seven days a week, all afternoon from 1:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Their Master Chocolatier is on site Monday through Friday to craft chocolates right before your very eyes: the famous chocolate-coated candied orange and lemon peel, or chocolate-covered orange slices, or even delicious, original three-chocolate compositions.

So come discover the delicious world of Florian’s “Boutique du Chocolat”!

Have you ever dreamed of being chocolatier for a few hours?
“L’Atelier du Chocolat” is your chance to craft your own chocolate in our workshop and leave with it in your hands (or tummy).

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22 chemin de la Confiserie
Le Pont du Loup
+33 (0)4 93 59 32 91

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