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We love our land and its many treasures.
We share it with you when you visit.
Please join with us in loving the land and respecting it with eco-friendly actions.
While you are staying in the Pays de Grasse, you will discover exceptional sights and spaces, treasures that nature freely gives us. Because we love our region and share it while you are here, please help us preserve and protect it through these small actions that have big impact:
     I respect natural areas and keep the places I visit clean,
  I do not throw trash or cigarette butts out into nature. I put them in the trash bins provided for this purpose or I pack them out with me,
  I stay on the marked trails, avoiding shortcuts that can trample fragile areas,
  I refrain from picking plants,
  I respect any private property I may cross, as well as farmers’ land and work,
  I respect the inhabitants and the peace and quiet of the region’s villages, 
  I respect the basic rules on swimming in natural bodies of water,
  I protect myself from the sun with a T-shirt and do not use sunscreen when swimming,
  I have waste-free picnics,
  I do not light a fire for any reason.

Following these recommendations means respecting
the playground nature has given us!



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