La fougassette de Grasse

One kilo white flour, one cup olive oil, 6 whole eggs, 150gr fine granulated (caster) sugar, 20gr table salt, 100gr orange-flower water, 50gr baker’s yeast.

Form a pastry ball with 100gr flour, one tepid half-cup of water and the yeast. Let sit for 3 hours away from drafts. Arrange the flour en fontaine (in a bowl form either on work surface or in bowl), add to it oil, eggs, sugar, salt, orange-blossom floral water, the pastry ball, and knead together. Let sit one hour (volume must double). Spread the pastry to a thickness of about 4 cm (1½”), then shape the dough into masses the size and shape of shoe soles, then cut 7 holes into each mass, pressing firmly on the edges so the pastry does not close up again. Cook in a hot oven and remove when the fougassettes are golden-brown.


Where can you buy Fougassettes?
- Maison Venturini, 1 rue Marcel Journet - 06130 GRASSE
+33(0)4 93 36 20 47

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