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Explore, share, smell and touch, experience true exhilaration during themed hikes covering the region’s history, heritage, geology, environment, and more.

Frédéric Devésa, age 50, lives in Valderoure. After a career in information technology, he felt the need to get back to the land, to a simpler life that was as independent and honest as possible.

Frédéric Devésa is farmer-baker. He raises grain and turns it into bread.

He moved to the Alpes-Maritimes in 1989 and was eager to explore the Southern Alps. In 1990, with a group of friends, he created Azur Adventure affiliated with the FFME (French federation of mountain and climbing sports).

“I live in the Préalpes d’Azur Regional Natural Park, in the Vallée de Lane in Valderoure. My farming activities keep me in close contact with all living things. Exploring, growing, raising, sharing – these are the day-to-day activities that I have chosen as my life.
It is an experience and a lifestyle that I invite you to share in the many day hikes I offer.

Explore the villages and landscapes of the Riviera Alps ; each outing has a specific theme related to the environment, the season, the local heritage, etc.
Discover plants and their uses, the area’s history, an almost forgotten border, the animals that inhabit our forests.
Learn what a ‘clue’ is, discover the very unique geology of these sites, how to make floral water, how to recognize deer tracks, and more.”

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