Jardin aux agrumes et aux fleurs

Behind the factory of Confiserie Florian of the Gorges du Loup, in Pont-du-Loup, a colorful and fragrant universe awaits the walker to extend his discovery of floral and gastronomic Workshops.

He discovers a space populated with citrus fruits, flowers and aromatic plants used in the manufacture of confectionery-chocolates.

This garden of steep terraces, the famous "terraces" with dry stone walls, is a real refuge to the microclimate conducive to grow bitter orange oranges, citrus fruits with fragrant and delicate fruits, clementine myrtle leaves, grapefruits to yellow and pink fruits or even
Citranges that carry both lemons and oranges. There are also Centifolia roses and verbena.

With the seasons, the visitor can enjoy the color variations and abundant scents of the surrounding biodiversity.

At the edge of the garden are two panoramic terraces, havens of peace thanks to the soothing flow of the nearby river. These offer the opportunity to awaken the senses of visitors, with the bewitching scents of flowers and citrus but also with an exceptional view of the Gorges and the hilltop village of Gourdon, famous eagle's nest.

In January: 9h-12h / 14h-18h
In July-August: 9h-19h (non stop)
All the rest of the year: 9h-18h30 (non stop)
Open and free visit.

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Le Pont du Loup
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Garden, Rural

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