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We have gathered in this garden a collection of the most beautiful perfume plants that represent the olfactory heritage of Grasse, as well as other fragrant species whose cultivation and production take place in various countries of the world.

We invite you to start this fascinating olfactory journey during which your nose and your olfactory memory will be solicited.
Together, we will take a walk filled with history, botany and linguistics, because Latin reigns supreme in the field of plants!

Our olfactory trail allows you to discover plants and trees used in perfumes, aromatherapy and cooking.

From pelargonium to rosemary, citronella, sweet orange and other scented species, let yourself be surprised by touching and smelling!

As you visit the perfumed garden, you will find the emblematic plants of Grasse perfume, which are part of the composition of great perfumes: from the May rose to osmanthus, the bitter orange bitter orange to the verbena and with tuberose, iris and jasmine, let yourself be won over by the fascinating history of flowers, plants, their culture and techniques for extracting essences.

The visit to the factory where the Fragonard House composition laboratory is located completes the sensory and vibrant story you have experienced in the garden. Here will be explained how the essences are analyzed and revealed in scented compositions.

Brochure «Passion-Jardins» available at the Pays de Grasse Tourist Offices.

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