lou fassum

Serves 6 to 8 people: one large green cabbage; 200gr fresh chopped pork; 150gr chopped bacon; one slice of cooked ham; one handful peas or green beans (raw); six large chard leaves (leaf only, no stem); two eggs, beaten; two tablespoons fresh tomato coulis; 50gr rice cooked for 6 minutes in salted water; allspice, salt, pepper, 5cl olive oil.

Blanch cabbage in salted water, drain, remove the core and separate the leaves, keeping the heart for the stuffing. In the olive oil, brown the meat, chopped chard leaves, the cabbage heart (also chopped), peas or green beans, add salt and pepper and allspice to taste, then remove from fire. Now add to the stuffing mixture the tomato coulis, rice, and beaten eggs. Spread each cabbage leaf with the stuffing and reconstitute the cabbage in a securely-tied linen.

Cook in simmering beef stock for around 4 hours. Place in shallow dish, lightly drizzle with beef stock and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Serve.


Where can you eat Lou Fassum? 

- Restaurant Lou Pignatoun, 13, rue de l’Oratoire 06130 GRASSE
+33 (0)4 93 36 11 80

- Restaurant Lougolin, 381, route de Plascassier 06130 GRASSE
+33(0)4 93 60 14 44


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