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In a beautiful, preserved natural setting dotted with grazing goats and sheep, in the midst of a vast, wooded limestone plateau overlooking the gorges of the Haute Siagne, one of Mother Nature’s jewels has remained hidden for millennia, sixty meters below the surface: the caves known as the Grotte de Baume Obscure.


The Souterroscope is a unique festival of shapes, colors, and music showcasing this masterpiece of Mother Nature’s.
To better explore and enjoy the scenery and fantastic mineral creations in the Grotte de Baume Obscure, born of the unhurried labor of water and limestone, Man has added sound and light.

Thus the Souterroscope was born, a museum-style sound and light display along the underground pathway that helps the visitor experience emotions like those felt by first cavers here, those who gradually, by the light of their headlamps, discovered the infinite shapes and shades of the limestone. It is a gateway to another dimension, a magical and poetic introduction to the underground world.

All along a scenic loop of 700 meters, guided by original music by composer Christophe Guyard and a subtle play of light and shadow that seems to bring the cave to life, enjoy a self-guided tour, a journey of the senses that is captivating, entertaining, and educational.
It is this visitor freedom that makes the Souterroscope so unique – you can explore the cave at your own pace: contemplate, listen, take pictures or videos, all without having to follow a guide or group. To our knowledge, this is the only natural cavity in whicy this kind of visit is possible in France or in the world.

Available visits : self-guided cave tour, guided tour, treasure hunt...

The underground walkway has many stairs (200 steps going down, 235 back up), which makes the use of strollers, carts, wheelchairs, and similar devices impossible. The tour is not recommended for persons with cardiac or mobility problems (such as weak knees).

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