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Enter the wilds of the Monts d’Azur Biological Reserve and discover an extraordinary site that is home to European bison, wild horses, deer, wild boar, foxes, and more – the fabulous fauna of Europe, roaming free! 

A 700-hectare natural preserve dedicated wholly to wildlife 
The Monts d’Azur Biological Reserve is in the town of Thorenc in the Alpes-Maritimes, 40 minutes from Grasse, and encompasses a mosaic of surprising and fascinating environments, from rocky cliffs to verdant, grassy plains to remarkable woodlands. 

Come to the wilderness and enjoy a unique ecotourism experience! 

On this former game reserve, the fauna is tremendously diverse, encompassing over 500 species, many of which are protected by international conventions. 

Among the emblematic species that you can see on the site are the European bison and the Przewalski’s horse, successfully reintroduced by Dr. Patrice Longour and his staff. These animals quickly acclimated to this environment, that which their ancestors trod a few millennia ago. This reintroduction has also had significant positive impact on site’s biodiversity, with striking development of the flora and remarkable evolution in the open environments. 

Immersive safaris, for an up-close and personal experience with wild animals! 
The Reserve has a variety of safari types available (walking, wagon, snowshoe, or sleigh), all guided by specialists who accompany visitors as they come face-to-face with the freely roaming wildlife, while shedding light on how these large mammals interact with their environment. 

- Walking safari – 90 mins 
- Snowshoe safari (depending on snow conditions) – 90 mins 
- Wagon safari – 60 mins 
- Sleigh safari (depending on snow conditions) – 45 mins 

Nature is ever-evolving; no hour, no season is like another. Witness these gentle variations with your own senses during an utterly natural getaway. 
Prolong the pleasure with a vacation in the midst of stunning natural scenery. 
Contemplate the mountainous Provençal landscape from your room or your Lodge. 

Bioclimatic Villa 
Enjoy the comfort and charm of one of our bioclimatic guest facilities, all newly renovated and decorated with natural materials from the Reserve. These environmentally friendly and comfortable rooms, decorated in modern Provençal style, can accommodate two to four guests. 

Le Manoir and la petite école 
The Domaine du Haut-Thorenc has a long and venerable history. Construction of the Manoir began in 1550, as evidenced by the vestiges of the fortified interiors and the vaulted cellars. 
We also have rooms available in these buildings; some are more modest, but are no less comfortable, and all are tastefully decorated in the Provençal spirit that is so characteristic of the Reserve’s facilities. A relaxing and refreshing change of scenery! 

The Ecolodges 
Enter the secret world of the wild for an incomparable experience, much like sleeping in an African bush camp. It is here that you will enjoy your meals: breakfast and a wonderful dinner around a barbecue. 
These lodges, made of canvas and wood, are positioned to provide visitors with a breathtaking view of the great plains of the Reserve, where most of the animals gather in the late afternoon. 

Have lunch on wild side in our restaurant! 
Enjoy lunch or dinner surrounded by the wilds of the Reserve. From the covered terrace, you have a magnificent view of an untamed landscape, while our chef serves a variety of meticulously prepared regional dishes made with local ingredients.

Make your wildest dreams come true and learn the secrets hidden away in this perfectly preserved nature. 

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