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The confiserie Florian in video


Founded in 1949, the Confiserie Florian in the Gorges du Loup sits in a breathtaking setting beside the Loup River, in the lower hills of Grasse’s beautiful backcountry. 
Decorated with antique furniture from the South of France dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, both Confiserie Florian locations, Nice and Le Pont du Loup, are a blend of tradition, refinement, and taste.
All year long, we welcome visitors from the around the world and show them how we make these delightful specialties of the South of France.
During our free tours, led by professional guides and available in five languages, you can watch the best fruits and most beautiful flowers being transformed into confectionery products.


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22 chemin de la Confiserie
Le Pont du Loup
+33 (0)4 93 59 32 91

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43.7199655, 6.9923799000001

43.6577564, 6.9225300000001

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