The villages of the Siagne Valley (Vallée de la Siagne), dotting the landscape between the mountains and the sea, are serene retreats ideal for a swim or boat trip.
This magnificent river, whose source is in the town of Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey, winds insouciantly over the entire southern half of the Pays de Grasse,
amidst mimosas, olive trees, and poplars.
The riverbanks offer wonderful picnic sites, be it for a gourmet meal or a simple sandwich.
On its 27-mile journey through the territory, the Siagne takes you through or past the villages of Saint-Cézaire sur Siagne, Le Tignet, the splendid fortified village of Auribeau-sur Siagne, Pégomas, and La Roquette sur Siagne.
Its valley shelters Roman vestiges, traverses the forest of Peygros, with century-old trees, shady clearings, and marked hiking trails.
The Siagne Valley is an unparalleled sanctuary for family outings on foot, mountain bike, or hybrid bike, with hikes that lead walkers through a remarkable spectacle of sights and scents, depending on the season.
From February to March, often earlier, the brilliant-yellow blooms of the mimosa trees are a feast for the eyes.
Travel along the Route d’Or, literally the “road of gold,” and walk in the hills of the Tanneron,
land that is simply covered with these emblematic blooms in late winter.
In May, the Centifolia rose takes the throne to thrill your senses, before August arrives,
bringing with it the local white gold, jasmine, in the flower fields located in a few privileged towns in the Pays de Grasse.


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