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markeurresat.pngTerre des Lacs


87 chemin du Collet du Moulin
06850 Saint-Auban

free - ½ day horse trekking trip 49€
0€ at 39€
0€ at 64€
free - Individuals 42€
free - individuals 27€
free - individuals 33€
free - individuals 45€
free - individuals 35€
free - individuals 32€
free - individuals 63€
free - individuals 70€
0€ at 25€ - Half-day package, no-kill fishing (4 hours?)
0€ at 30€ - Full-day package, no-kill fishing (8 hours?)
12€ at 15€ - Prix au kilo, for trout fishing 12€
0€ at 2€ - Fishing rod rental
0€ at 4€ - Cast rental
0€ at 7€ - 30-minute hire
From 15/03 to 30/10.

Terre des Lacs is the eco-parc eco-touristic of the community of Saint-Auban. At the foot of the village of Saint-Auban, our park welcomes you summer and winter alike and proposes you stay in accordance with the nature.
Our offer:
- Activities: descent of the canyons of Esteron, course in the trees, climbing, horseback riding, trout fishing, mountain biking, hiking, snowshoe hiking …
- An accommodation adapted to every demand: single, in couple, in family or in group, in half pension or in American plan.
- A restaurant - La Source - in the park, with a view of 2 beautiful lakes and the valley, renowned for its magnificent sunsets.

Here, we practice long-lasting tourism.

Practically all the activities are made at the heart of the park, or in 5 minutes on foot. You will be taken in a minibus or in a shuttle towards the activities being a little farther (5 minutes by car).

We work with craftsmen and storekeepers of the local area and use as much as possible for the restaurant and the Gite of the local products (vegetables, fruits, goat cheeses of ewe and cow, meat).

We manage the energies and the waste in a sustainable way.

Our park is certified The Green Key and Quality Tourism. Our Gite is also a part of the network Gite of France.

Terre des Lacs

43.843371, 6.73152

Terre des Lacs

43.843371, 6.73152