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A few kilometers from the park, take on the challenge of the void, find your inner strength, and enjoy all the thrill and skill of climbing, without the technical constraints !
There are routes of varying difficulty, with suspension bridges, rope bridges, zip lines, and more, all ready to give you a rush of adrenaline – in complete safety.

Open all year
Limit 8 people per instructor
Ages 12 to 65 !

What do you get when you combine via ferrata, big-wall climbing, and a mountain circuit on a rocky ridge ? Our “parcours sauvage” – a multi-skill course in the wild ! Easy climbing, big rappels, zip lines and handrails await you in gorgeous surroundings.
Located in the Canyon/Clue de Saint Auban
Open all year
Limit 10 people per instructor
Ages 12 to 65 !

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87 Chemin du Collet du Moulin
+33 (0)4 93 60 41 23

Sports, Escalation/Via Ferrata/Via Souterrata

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