chevaux , chevaux dans la rivière

In a beautiful and relaxing setting, Val Ranch offers horseback riding or pony trekking.

Whether you are beginner or experienced, we have the mount you need.

The hikes are done on the sector of La Martre, on horseback or with pony,
You can leave 1 hour, 5 hours, 1 day, 2 days ... at your leisure!

The walks are accompanied by a qualified guide, it accompanies you according to your skills from beginner to confirmed, we adapt to you! Horses are educated to work in peace and respect the man. They were chosen for their kindness, just like the ponies. They are therefore suitable for beginners, but their young age gives them the energy they need if you want to do a more athletic ride.

During walks, we can also take you across the river.

Family outings is possible. Horses and ponies rub shoulders every day and therefore agree for a common ride, something to delight the whole family.

Rural cottages near the ranch will be offered to those who want to stay asleep.

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