Tourettes sur Loup

Office de Tourisme
Maison Tajasque
2 Place de la Libération
06140 Tourrettes sur Loup
Tél : +33(0)4 93 24 18 93

Built upon a rocky outcrop overlooking the French Riviera, Tourrettes sur Loup is one of the most beautiful perched villages in the rolling backcountry of the Côte d’Azur, ideally set between the mountains and the sea, just 25 km from Nice and 35 km from Cannes.

Tourrettes sur Loup, City of Medieval History:
Tourrettes sur Loup is a medieval city that has preserved an historic authenticity. The village’s fortifications are built in a semi-circle off the region’s main road, surrounding an imposing 15th-century castle and boasting a wealth of original architecture. It is a village of secrets, unveiling its mysteries only after one passes through the gateways standing guard on either side of the central square.

Tourrettes sur Loup, City of Art:
Highly-prized by film-makers since 1925, Tourrettes sur Loup became a Mecca for artists after the 1940s as musicians, painters, architects, writers, and craftsmen became captivated by the dazzling panorama and charming old streets. Today, this popularity means that Tourrettes sur Loup is home to more than thirty art studios and boutiques and continues to attract skilled artists and craftspersons from far and wide.

Tourrettes sur Loup, City of Violets:
Much of the area around Tourrettes sur Loup is terraced land where the Tourrettes violet, the “Victoria,” is still grown. The flower has been cultivated here for more than 150 years, making Tourrettes sur Loup the “City of Violets.” Every year in early March, this winter flower and its delicate fragrance are the inspiration for the traditional Violet Festival, “La Fête des Violettes,” which serves as official closure of the violet season and a joyous celebration of the arrival of springtime.

Tourrettes sur Loup, City of the Sweet Life:
Explore the endless variety of nature and the area’s breathtaking panoramas on the hiking trails around the village. Discover the world from a new perspective by trying exciting activities like canyoning, spelunking, or horse riding; linger at a café terrace in the cool shade of a plane tree; smile at the bickering bowls players as they argue over the last point of the game; stroll the lanes of the old village to gaze at picturesque stone houses trimmed in ivy and wisteria; marvel at the savoir faire of the region’s artisans as they share their precious heritage; take in a concert on the village square with friends; savour a fireside tête-à-tête in a rustic country inn with amazing local cuisine; or simply relish the softness of the night, lulled by the song of the cicadas....

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